Posted on 16 November 2016

In honor of the winter, the snowy season, the Eggnog times & the post-ride jacuzzis, we found it fitting to talk about some of our favorite songs to hit the slopes to. Whether you Snowboard, Ski or sled & shred, these songs will get you fired up and send you down the hill in style. You can follow our Slope Style Spotify Playlist to hear these songs & more all winter long. 

#1 "Resonance" by Home

Resonance is a spacious jam that will have you groovin' all the way down the run. There's not a lot better than bobbing up and down the slopes to these seriously smooth synths and elastic drum riffs. 

#2 "Ghost 'N' Stuff" by deadmau5

Vocals by Rob Swire

If you've seen "The Art of Flight," then you know this one well when it comes to the mountain. This is the jam you play right before you go into battle. This is the jam that will cause you to rip the mountain like you never have before.  This is the song you go all out to, this is your kicker. 

#3 "Odyssey" by OVERWERK

This, an old favorite, is a slow build up to everything thats radical about electronic music. OVERWERK nailed this hard hitting, oscillated masterpiece that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it. This is the song to get you pumped on the lift, or pumped halfway down the hill to finish it out. 

#4 "Drinkee" by Sofi Tukker 

This is your party run song. Drinkee is a fun dance track that may cause you to unstrap and start rockin' on the hill. Everyone loves to have a good time, especially after a few drinks am I right? This is that song!

#5 "The Last Night on Earth" by PIERS BARON

Like "Ghost 'N' Stuff," this song is made for the big runs. This hard hitting jam by PIERS BARON is a glimpse into everything beautiful about the genre. With proper breaks and higher peaks, this is one that will kick your speed up a notch. 

#6 "Cocaine" by Phantoms

This is the Tree Run song. The incredible cover of an american classic by Phantoms will put you into the zone for sure. This is a subtle, bouncy recharge for that afternoon solo odyssey. 

#7 "My Future is Your Future" by Gigamesh

The first track off of Gigamesh's new album 'Time Travel' is incredibly groovy & addicting. It's no secret that Gigamesh puts out hot tracks, but this one is just what you need for the mid day cruise. 



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