Posted on 19 May 2017

San Felipe, Baja California. Year round, it's a place for tourists, tequila, Baja races & Harrison Ford. Every other year however, it's a pin drop on the map, a destination to reach no matter the way taken.  This, is the El Diablo run. Starting off years ago in Temecula, California when everyone could meet up and ride together, it's now become one of the most anticipated meet ups in the scene. A three day binge of bikes, tents, some of the best Mexican food you can find, and of course, lots of tequila. We headed out on a Friday at 4:30am, ten of us on two wheels and myself in the KeetJeep with a co captain, and arrived in San Felipe just a bit after 4pm. From there it was a frenzy of Harleys, fireworks, beach activities & dusty sunsets.

The El Diablo Run happens every other year, so hopefully we will see you there in 2019.

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