Posted on 10 December 2015

 There's a lot of music that comes and goes.  It blows through your car stereo and out the window into a sea of four chord progressions alike.  The music that should stick around is rarely noticed.  It comes with the hope that people will listen, discover, share. Bands like Forenn are that sweet reminder of what can come from within.  I grew up with bands like the Album Leaf and God is an Astronaut, it was the first time I listened to music of an instrumental genre that really changed how I looked at music, and life.  It's been a bit since I've been stopped in my tracks when listening to something, then I listened to Forenn's debut album...

Forenn is a three piece (mostly) instrumental band from Houston, Texas.  They focus their waveforms around subtle chords and steady drum kits that build and progress in triumphant fashion.  They have a way with playing with synths that incorporate a beautiful blend of sounds and wobbling textures.  This is "Circa" off of their self titled debut album, I hope it's hits you in all the ways it was meant to.  

You can hear their song "A Flame Before the Forest" on the Gem of the City SPOTIFY PLAYLIST.   Check out Forenn  on FACEBOOK & TWITTER.  Help support the cause by buying their album on ITUNES

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