Posted on 11 September 2015

Photographer and Texas local Deeana Crane left her world of breakfast tacos and Whataburger to embark on a California journey.  She flew right past Hollywood and ended up in the San Jacinto mountains in a small art town known as Idyllwild.  She was awesome enough to give us a taste of her time there, including some pretty incredible photos of her daily sights.  
"My experiences in Idyllwild, CA has truly changed me. I'm in such a transitional period in my life. With recently graduating college I'm so scared to enter into adulthood but I came to the right place to figure myself out a little bit. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, the community here is just so welcoming and beautiful. I work for Idyllwild Arts Summer Program and I've never felt so at home like I do when I'm at work. The people I've met here have impacted my life so immensely. I am a better person for just knowing them. Coming from Texas I had never actually seen a real mountain before moving to Idyllwild, CA. The views from up on the mountain are breathtaking."
- Dee
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