Posted on 27 August 2015

Paul Laliberte AKA Snapz Lalib is the bright bassist for the Los Angeles grown G-Punk band New Beat Fund.  These dudes were the FIRST Gem of the City post I made over a year ago.  I've watched this band go from 0-100 over the last few years and I couldn't be happier for them.  Paul and I go back a long ways, all the way back to recess in Jr.Highschool, when Myspace was full throttle.  After their recent Warped tour takeover, Paul had some time to talk about NBF's start, their debut album Sponge Fingerz and endless Hesh Bombz. 

Photo by  Jaquory Lunsford

New Beat Fund is an incredible name for a band, one of the best I've ever heard, do you remember when/where you were when that name got brought up? 
We were working in our hoMiEs studio in the legendary Sound City studios and there was a jar that said 'new boat fund' on it. We etched the o into an e and it became the 'new beat fund'. It was an ongoing joke between us while we were working and decided one evening to launch the jar into a corporate building with a three man water balloon launcher. It exploded into pieces and such is the Big Bang theory of NBF.

You guys are pretty much the kings of Neon, (no kings of leon pun intended) where did it all come from though?
Since we were kids, we've always been drawn to the aesthetic of psych blacklight posters. The sounds, the colors, the aura, a very surreal environment that emulates dreaming. We dig it.

How rad was it recording Sponge Fingerz? Where did you guys get to record at?
The creation of Sponge Fingerz was hella rad. We were living in different houses in the magical tRiPPY hills in Topanga Canyon and finished mixing it while we were living in VeNiCe beach. A lot of it was record in our houses in Topanga and the rest was done at SoundCity Studios. It's a collection of ideas, feelings, and journeys over that course of time.  Couldn't be more stoked to put it into the universe.

Heard you guys had a sweet little set up in venice for a bit, get into any crazy shenanigans?
Hahah yup. Most notably our 4th of July party which was broken up by a chopper and a swat team. We were lined up in the street in our underwear with some ladies.  Twas one to remember for sure.

Photo by  Nick Wehrli

How is it being in a band with your brother?  Does it make the communication easier or harder?
It's a blessing. Creative communication is seamless when you have that bond. We're always on the same page and constantly inspire each other. It can be volatile at moments too though.  Especially when he pours a diet coke on my head, chucks it into a dressing room and runs into the streets of Philly.  Hahah no hard feelings tho, just good stories.

Now that been touring across the country for a few years, if you had to move out of cali tomorrow, 
where would you go?
Probably Portland or Seattle. West Coast is too near and dear to my heart. Love the arts up there and the vibes of those cities tend to reciprocate my energy.

Any story behind the name Sponge Fingerz?
Similar to our band name, there was a vintage advertisement for Twinkies otherwise known as 'Sponge Fingerz'. It caught our interest and again became a term we would bounce around to make light of things in the studio. And we like to think our album has a light spongey exterior with a sweet creamy filling lol.

Photo by Ben Zucker

What kind of set up you rockin with on stage? 
What's your gear list?
Right now I'm playing a fender Jazz deluxe through a Mesa 6 Carbine and an Ampeg Cab. I use an MXR distortion and an auto filter, a boss phaser, and an elektro harmonix synth envelope. Pedals are nice outlets for me to get weird.

What's next for you guys?
We'll be doing a west coast tour with a band called Priory, some college/radio shows and later in the fall we'll be hitting the road with our homie Mod Sun. Come shimmy, it'll be rad.

Any crazy g-punk fan encounters?
We've had quite a few fans that cry uncontrollably when they meet us. That to me is the ultimate. When our music and the things we say stand for connect with people in that way, there's no greater feeling.

Endless mimosas or endless bloody Mary's?
Endless Hesh bombz. A glass of champagne with a shot of jäger dropped in. Let me know how your night goes! ;) If you end up naked in the ocean with two alien strippers it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Check out their incredibly solid album Sponge Fingerz on their WEBSITE.  Say WaDuP on their INSTAGRAM
& definitely catch them live ASAP. 

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