Posted on 12 August 2015

Echo Park Rising is right around the corner, and if you live in Los Angeles,
it's geographically right around the corner.  Tucked away in a few venues on
a stretch in Echo Park, you'll find incredible music, street dogs and
$4 beer/shot combos.  When you look at the lineup (at the bottom of this post)
you'll find a lineup full of rock bands representing every sub genre.  
It's quite a beautiful thing, to have a music festival with...bands.
So if you only like Diplo or Jack-U right now, I suggest you exit out of this
post and go buy tickets for Zach Efron's new DJ movie right now.
I took some time this week to really nail down 5 bands that you should definitely
try to see if you end up stumbling the streets of Echo Park this coming weekend.


These dudes are a personal favorite of mine. Ever since I heard "Overdose" a year ago
I've been hooked.  They followed that up with an incredible EP that they will for sure
jam over the weekend.  Definitely check these guys out if you dig Arctic Monkeys and 
good, dark rock.



This dude kills it. Out of most of the names on the lineup, Hanni El Khatib
is most likely familiar to a lot of you.  He has a raw, edgy sound that falls in 
line with the Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age.  He has some really
rad guitar riffs and that will keep your desert road trips uplifting. 



Fever the Ghost is becoming a daily listen for me right now.
This band has an awesome indie rock vibe that will sit well next 
to your Arcade Fire album and maybe even your Passion Pit album. 
These guys kill it on their instruments, especially when they bust out the 
moog synth vibes. 



It only takes 15 seconds to tell these dudes put on a killer show.
I can't wait to see songs like "Here We Go" performed live from Tennis System.
This band has a really sick sound.  This is some incredible indie rock.
I'm digging the beach vibes these guys put out too.  I could be wrong, but I hear 
PCH in these songs. 


Put on your sunflower sunglasses, your yellow button ups and 
please put flowers in your hair.  I dare you to listen to "Nico" and 
NOT move around like you're one with the world.  These dudes 
are so incredibly groovy its crazy.  I've heard things about them in the 
past but I've never really listened to them until recently.
Oh I'm glad I did.


  If you made it this far down, you now have some rad bands to see at Echo Park Rising,
So you don't have any more excuses.  Oh and the $4 beer/shot combo can be found 
at the Goldroom. You're welcome.

Check out our SPOTIFY PLAYLIST to hear all these bands
and many more.  

See you at Echo Park!


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