Posted on 15 May 2015

Meet Nate Lotz, Drummer of more bands, artists and TV shows than
there are selfies of Miley Cyrus on the internet. From 90120 to the 
All American Rejects and everyone in between, Nate has been all across
the country and the world doing what he loves, which is pretty bad ass. 
I was able to catch Nate in action during SXSW this year, Drumming for 
Halsey.  To say he killed it would be an understatement,
but he F&*%ing killed it.  Still on tour with Halsey (like...festival tour), 
he's been playing on stages that make the Hollywood Bowl look like
the Viper Room (it's tiny).  I was able to catch up with Nate this week
and pick his brain about touring, his inspirations and his
eyebrow preference. 



Where are you at in the world?

Currently recording in Los Angeles. Headed to Hang Out fest in Alabama tomorrow


What are you listening to on spotify right now?

Band of Skulls / / Bjork / / Radiohead TKOL Remix Album.


How long have you been drumming for?

12 Years.


When was your first tour?

When I was 20! A west coast run!


What's the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on the road?

Honestly all the weirdest things happen at home / in LA. Haha.
SO many strange LA stories and so few weird tour stories.  


Who do you think is a badass in the music industry?

St. Vincent.


What's your current kit set up?

Old drumsets, Paiste cymbals, Aquarian drumheads and lots
of electronic drum pads all over everything.


What Drummers have you looked up to?

Steve Jordan. John Bonham!!!!


Black & White or Bright & Vibrant?

Black and White hahah.


Would you rather have a permanent unibrow or no eyebrows at all? 

Eeeeeehhhh permanent unibrow and lots of glasses / sunglasses to cover it up.


Whats next for you?

A lot of recording and writing in LA / / Touring with Halsey and
hanging as much as I can with friends!


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