Posted on 03 May 2016

Brittany Powell & Valerie Noell of The Eternal Child headed up to Yosemite to spread their wings and fly through the magnificent landscapes.  Accompanied by cameras, a journal, a map and some Keet gear I snuck in their bag, they hit the road and documented their story along the way. 

The mountains called my name from the minute I woke up until moment I fell asleep at night. The forest invaded my dreams and danced behind my closed eyes like so many faeries. Yosemite is stunning; it was a gift to my soul. “ Do you see the Eagle’s Head carved within the mountain top?” I said. I knew it was something I might never see again, so Valerie photographed it always to remember. Once I walked away and it was lost from my sight, I so badly wanted to run back to make sure it wasn't all just a dream. The photo will remain a constant reminder and that image comes to life for me whenever I see it.

Three days went by quickly. I kept hoping time would slow down or that I would somehow be able to stay and not return back to the chaos of Los Angeles. I will say that Valerie and I did not take our time in this enchanted land for granted. We were up before the sunrise and stayed beneath the trees well after dusk. The views were unbeatable and if I could muster it, I would ditch civilization and live forever free surrounded by these tall, giant friends. However I am not quite courageous enough to live off the grid quite yet. I would miss the energy of the city and the laughter of my friends. Emerging myself into nature as often as possible will have to do for now. It recharges me, it awakens my soul, and it frees me from all the anxieties that cloud my mind. I believe exposure to nature is absolutely vital to create balance in one’s life; if you don’t allow yourself to experience it, then you sure are missing out.

On our second day we hiked the John Muir Mist Trail to Vernal Falls. Making our way up the rocky steps of the waterfall was both challenging and exciting. I couldn’t wait to reach it’s peak. There is nothing quite like the sound of the surging water as it mists across your face. With each step I took, I felt hypnotized. This majestic fluid tower silenced my mind and calmed my heart. I felt alive and I felt new. My insecurities and worries seemed to wash away down stream. As I arrived beyond it’s crest, I felt accomplished. I had finally made it to a place I had longed to visit and here I was standing tall atop this waterfall. As I laid above the rumbling cascade, I closed my eyes and listened to its roaring voice echo within me. Time stood still.

There is something overwhelmingly beautiful about feeling small and vulnerable in this big world. The mountains will always whisper my name. The setting sun will always warm my heart and set fire to my soul. The trees will stand tall and protect and the wind will always be my favorite lullaby. I will never forget the feeling of experiencing this all for the first time. Truthfully, I will go back every chance I get. I have found my forever place.

Words by Brittany Powell @iambrittany
Imagery by Valerie Noell of The Eternal Child @theeternalchild
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